I grew up in the small town of Mt. Zion, IL. Throughout my childhood I appreciated the closeness of our neighbors, and the distinct qualities that a small town offers its residents. My family owned a lumberyard until
we were forced to close because of financial downturns in the community. At that time, we moved our family to Fort Collins, with a hope of a better life. Initially, I worked at a local lumberyard until I started my career at Country Insurance and Financial Services in 1993.I succeeded because of hard work, determination and having a love for helping people.

I have been blessed and appreciate my clients and community for this opportunity to succeed. I have been a business member of Realities for Children for 23 years and am currently an ambassador for them. I am a past president of NAIFA Larimer County and have been active and on boards of many churches that I have attended.

I like a little adventure in life and recently went skydiving for the first time. It’s wonderful to have opportunities to try new things like this.

One of the main reasons that we moved to Colorado was to give my family the opportunity to live in a great community that is safe and affordable. All four of my children
have since moved away from Colorado because the cost of living has risen so much. I too feel that the community is losing its affordability, especially for families starting out and people at retirement age.

Listening to and caring about the needs and concerns of the people of Wellington has to be forefront in any decisions the city makes. There are hard choices ahead of the town, and someone needs to keep the needs of the residents in mind as they are made. Water and growth are the two major factors that are currently affecting the community. Water has to be factored into every decision the city makes. New growth of our community is important but it has to pay for itself. Our residence should not be funding future growth and the problems that it will present.

I am not afraid to take on these challenges on behalf of the residents of Wellington. I still learn and do new things every day, and I can bring that knowledge and experience to bear here.